BCRA Customers with East Stroudsburg Water: Discolored Water

Update: 9.17.21: This week the East Stroudsburg Water Department was working to rectify water issues throughout the borough.  The flushing of hydrants helped expel sediment through the distribution system and should have cleared up any discolored or cloudy water that had been reported.  If you are still experiencing issues with your water please notify the BCRA office at (570) 421-3232. 

The East Stroudsburg Water Department has been made aware of water issues throughout the borough and they are currently working on rectifying the problem.  You may be experiencing discolored or cloudy water from your faucets.  If you run the cold water for a few minutes, it will allow the sediment to work its way through your pipes and will begin to run clear. East Stroudsburg Borough has flushed the fire hydrants to remove the discolored water in the area.  If the discoloration persists after flushing internal plumbing please notify the BCRA office at 570-421-3232.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while the water department continues to work on this issue.