Water Rate Information

Notice of Water Rate Increase for 2018

The Brodhead Creek Regional Authority (BCRA) has approved a rate increase to its Consumption Charge for 2018. This is the first rate increase since 2014 and will increase the average water bill for a BCRA customer by approximately 4.5%. The cost to the customer is less than a penny per gallon.

The current Consumption Charge is $0.26 / 100 gallons of water used and will be increased by $0.03 to $0.29 / 100 gallons for 2018. For Bulk Water Haulers the same increase will be applied to that Consumption Charge rate increasing it to $0.34 / 100 gallons.

Large commercial customers who are billed monthly will notice this rate increase in their water bill beginning with their February 2018 bill. Those customers who are billed quarterly will see it in their April 2018 bill (residential and small commercial accounts).

This rate increase is necessary due to the increasing cost of doing business and in order for the Authority to continue to replace aging infrastructure, upgrade its water treatment facilities and meet the requirements of a highly regulated business. Since 2006 in addition to meeting the normal everyday cost of doing business, the BCRA has spent over $6.6 million on capital improvements to plant, infrastructure and equipment as well as meeting regulatory requirements.


For further information you may call the office during normal business hours at 570-421-3232.