Private Wells

There are many private wells in the Pocono area. If you own a private well you should know where it is located on your property and you are responsible for any testing. Well water for the most part is safe to drink but we can only know for sure that it is safe if the water is tested by a certified lab. An annual water test for bacteria is recommended for private wells and the cost is about $30. More extensive testing for other parameters is recommended every few years or if you are buying a house or building a new house with a private well.
well cutaway

Inspecting your well cap is important. Well caps can crack due to the dramatic temperature changes found in our watershed. A cracked well cap should be replaced immediately to keep pollutants out of your drinking water. You may have an old style of well cap like this picture to the left. These type well caps leave a large gap around the well casing. Mice and bugs enjoy using these well caps as shelter. These creatures can fall or go to the bathroom which drops directly into your drinking water. Yikes!

standard wellcap


A newer style of well cap (right) is recommended for private wells. It is called a sanitary or "vermin-proof" well cap. Click here for a PDF file from Penn State. This type of well cap makes a complete seal around the top of your private well keeping out mice, bugs and insects. If you are having a new well drilled or if you are replacing your well cap seriously consider using a sanitary cap. You can also upgrade an old style cap with a sanitary well cap anytime. Be sure to give the contractor, plumber or well driller the correct part number - WTC6.

newer style well cap

[Note: Well pumps operate on a high voltage circuts, only qualified individuals should install a well cap.]