Returned Check/ACH Policy

Applies to:

This policy applies to all customers paying bills for services furnished by the Brodhead Creek Regional Authority (the “Authority”), including, but not limited to, water service, sewer service, connection and/or tapping fees, and work performed on a time and materials basis.


This purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with the Authority’s Rules and Regulations Section 2.4(C) and to further account for processing returned checks and electronic fund transfers (ACH).


The Authority accepts checks and online ACH payments for bills, services, and other fees. If checks or ACH payments are returned unpaid by the issuing bank, the Authority will charge a $35.00 fee for each occurrence.


The Authority will charge $35.00 when a bank does not honor a check or when an ACH payment is rejected by the issuing bank. Checks returned for non-sufficient funds or rejected ACH payments must be redeemed within two (2) working days after the customer has been notified of the returned check or ACH payment. The rejected amount must be in the form of a money order, certified/cashier’s check, or cash.

If a customer submits a returned check and/or ACH payment, online payment access will be restricted and all future payments must be in the form of money orders, certified/cashier’s checks, or cash.