Right To Know





Policy regarding requests for information:



  1. Requests must be made in writing. Requests acceptable to the Authority are either by mail or facsimile. Any facsimile received after 5:00 P.M. on any business day Monday – Friday shall be considered received on the following business day. Any mail delivered or facsimile received on a weekend or holiday observed by the Authority, shall be considered received by the Authority on the first business day following the weekend or holiday.

    All requests shall be stamped with the date and time received by Authority personnel and given to the Manager or Solicitor for processing.

  2. The requester must identify him or herself by name and must provide proof that he or she is a Pennsylvania resident by either presenting a Pennsylvania Driver’s License at the Authority’s office or a copy of the license included in the request. If the requester has no driver’s license another form of identification may be acceptable, such as a notarized form, or a copy of a Pennsylvania property tax bill.
  3. Requests must be specific in their description of the documents requested
  4. All requests should be made to the attention of Randi Alejandro, Right-To-Know Officer of the Brodhead Creek Regional Authority at 410 Mill Creek Rd., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. Fax number is 570-421-2322.
  5. Fee Schedule:
  • Photo Copies - $0.25 per copy.
  • Specialized Copies – Actual cost of duplication.
  • Fax – Actual cost of fax.
  • Postage – Actual cost of current postage fees.
  • Statutory fee – Actual cost of current statutory fees.
  • Research cost shall be billed in 15 minute increments.
  • Certification of Record - $5.00 plus Notary fee.
  • A prepayment may be charged if the fees for the requested information are expected to exceed $100.00.



The policy was duly adopted at a regularly scheduled Board meeting of the Brodhead Creek Regional Authority on the 5th day of July, 2018.