Water Treatment

The Brodhead Creek Regional Authority's water treatment plant has a maximum permitted capacity of 5.38MGD (million gallons per day). On average we produce about half of our daily capacity around 2.6MGD.

BCRA utilizes both groundwater and surface water sources. The ground water (well water) comes from two production wells located on-site. Surface water is drawn from the Brodhead Creek. All water is carefully managed by our team of DEP certified water operators. It takes an operator years of hands-on training and education classes before becoming certified. Operators must pass testing for each different water process. A water operator at BCRA must take and pass six different state exams. After certification, water operators are required to take DEP certified courses as continuing education to maintain and renew their operating licenses.

There's an old adage in our business "water never sleeps". We are a 24/7 operation with someone always being on-call. Every morning an operator performs 46 independent water tests in our lab to ensure water quality safety. BCRA has invested wisely into computer software & equipment which helps our operators continuously monitor water quality. If any water quality parameter becomes too high or too low the software system will immediately call the operator on duty. We use many safeguards to ensure water quality for our customers.

BCRA is a not-for-profit public entity and we are here to serve our customers. We publish an annual water report (called a CCR or Consumer Confidence Report) which can be found under "water quality" on the main page. CCR's are published by all water companies by July 1st of each year. If you have any questions regarding the CCR or general questions about your water please feel free to contact our water operators at (570) 421-0998.

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